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ObliSan Fort

ObliSan Fort V2

ObliSan Team Mod

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Skyrim updated, it needs no expansion to run. 



Hello, this is my new mod, a different player home, there are lots of color and fantasy.
Has eight internal and three external areas, two of them hostile.
Four houses, armory and two caves, full of enemies (save before entering) and a big ebano mine.

Some numbers...

- 65 Mannequins.
- 60 Weapon Plaques.
- 80 Weapon Racks.
- +200 Safe container.
- All Stones (X2).
- All Bless (X2).
- All Tables (X3).
- 6 Vendors, two trainers.
- Two follower.
- 9 New NPCs.
- Added textures and meshes for all the faces of NPCS.
- Space for 350 books.
- Some 400 ingredients to collect.
- All Crafting.
- Two horses, two cows and a hawk.
- About 25 animals to hunt and many insects.
- Many beds and kitchens.
- Map Marker and travel point.
- Many activities for npcs, etc.

So here is normal. XD

- There are over 100 objects with their textures changed.
- 10 new light.
- The exterior light are more bright and never fades.
- Full control over the 150 effects and outdoor lights.
- Oil lamps, candles or fires, are associated with their lights, and change depending on how the light, as well as other effects.
- Customizable illumination is available in all exterior, and Pilgrim's house.
- A vantage point with three floors, including a control zone on the points of light.
- A mini area and blinds, in the house of Pilgrim.
- And a new voice (mine), sorry for this.

My intention with this mod was built without limitations, Light, color and some of magic.
You guys will say if I got it?

Where is?.

Leaving Rorikstcad to Whiterum, see the map marked.


Copy the contents of the rar in the Data folder of the installation directory of the game.


-Delete ObliSan Fort esp file from Data folder of the Skyrim installation directory.
-Delete the folder: Meshes-actors-character-FaceGenData-FaceGeom-ObliSan Fort.esp
-Delete the folder: Textures-Actors-Character-FaceGenData-FaceTint-ObliSan Fort.esp
-Delete the folder: Sound-Voice-ObliSan Fort.esp


- Save the game when you arrive to the area, (no kick save) and reload.

Recommended mods.

High Res Face Maps for Men by Geonox

Better Females by Bella

Ultra Realistic World Lighting, just a color.

And some mod seeks to calm the nerves of the mannequins.


- First you approach a light control button, you may need a second press, only the first time.


-The Nav Mesh is my specialty, without comment. XD
-Find three experimental weapons, sell them if you look too good.
-Pets tips and protests. XD


For all who use it.

Made by Sanchez

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